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Uncle Sam 1

4th of July Costume Inspiration

16 May 2017

There’s more to a Star-Spangled Costume Party than Captain America & Uncle Sam! We’ve curated a list for you here, broken down into 5 sections: Political & Military Figures Superheroes   Wild, Wild West Pop Culture – Music, TV & Movies Sports People Other This blog is LOADED with ideas, so feel free to scan through […]

And the Winner Is...

It’s the Oscars Darrrling! Ideas to Make Your Soiree Sing

24 Feb 2017

Because we’re always ahead of the game Down Under, the date to set for your Oscars soiree is Monday Feb 27th.  And where’s the best place to host it?  We say settle in & get comfy for this one – either your place or your favourite watering hole – somewhere you can shamelessly trash-talk the […]

Rock Stars at Work

The team that plays together, performs better!

25 Jan 2017

  Are you an Executive Assistant, HR professional or people-leader in your workplace, looking for creative ways to inject more celebration & fun into your team at will? There’s no need to reserve costume & fancy dress for the office Christmas party.   In fact if you do, you’re missing out on a myriad of […]

Goofy Goofing Off

2017 – Play Everyday!

12 Jan 2017

Welcome to 2017! We’ve compiled a calendar of almost 50 celebratory days & events to help kickstart 2017 as your most playful year yet. Which still leaves you with 300+ days to fill. So get cracking! Click the link below! 2017 – Play Everyday


We’ve Been Rated Tops for Smiles… Fancy That!

23 Nov 2016

It’s been smiles all round here at Fancy That! Costumes recently, due to the recognition we’ve had for spreading a little happiness. Bupa Dental Insurance has featured us as one of Australia’s top smile providers on their blog, ‘Put a Smile on your Dial: Fun Places to Go!‘, and we couldn’t be more delighted! Making […]

Baron Samedi

Bond? There’s no excuse for bland!

19 Aug 2016

So you’ve got the invitation & the theme is “Bond.”  Great.  Tuxedos & evening gowns.  Couldn’t they have given me something more interesting to play with? Well, dear party-goer – as it turns out, they have!  Much like every gadget to emerge from Q’s lab, there are more creative Bond-theme costume options than first meet […]

388 Pacific - External Signage - APPROVED

You’re Invited!

6 Jul 2016

You’re invited to our “New Store-Warming” party! It’s been almost two months since we uprooted Fancy That! Costumes from our home of the past 10 years, to resettle in our palatial new pink and purple premises at 388 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest.   And yes – it’s taken about that long for the prints to grow […]

I Wonder

Hiring a Costume or Buying a Costume – Which is Better?

30 Jun 2016

My interest was piqued this morning when I opened the Sunday papers to see a feature article (a double page spread no less!) on the rise and rise of “rent-preneurs”. Who, according to Melissa Singer at the Sun Herald, offer customers, “The fashion equivalent of a Ferrari for one night only”.   The article opens with a […]


Get a Halloween Plan, Man!

13 Oct 2015

It’s coming, like the Zombie Apocalypse – lurching down the road towards you with its rotting limbs & decomposing flesh:  Saturday October 31st – the best Halloween party night you’re going to experience for 7 years! But you know what they say:  failure to plan is planning to sit on your couch in your pyjamas, […]

Showing 1-9 of 9 results
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