Covid-19? How Being Zany Can Keep You Sane

Author: belinda  Date Posted:19 March 2020 


... 'cos we've got just what the doctor ordered right now!


Let's cut straight to the chase. 

We’re a small, local business.  A fancy dress costume & balloon business.  Our income has disappeared in a puff of smoke, our casuals have been laid off & the fabulous Sofia has been placed on leave.  And no-one has any idea when this will be over.  BUT …

... we firmly believe that our motto - #PlayEveryday – has never been more important in helping us as a community keep our sanity & humanity throughout this crazy time! 

And for all you corporates working from home - did you know that being a little silly can actually help brain cell growth & make you smarter?!  At the very least, right now it can make us fell more human.


I'm fighting tooth & nail to ensure we're still here when the credits roll on this horror movie & we're going to see the biggest parties in a century!   My partner Gino & I will be instore (doors closed) during our regular opening hours, filling online sales orders, organising balloon requests (which we can deliver to you - rubber gloves - "knock & drop"), getting more products onto our existing website for online ordering, & working on our NEW website (finally!) where you can order just as much from us as the big guys (you can actually do that now, too - call 02 9906 6135 or email - we can dropship direct deliver within 1-2 days).


 There's a bit more back-end work to do on our site (load balloons online, activate gift/credit vouchers etc.)  But I wanted to get on the front foot here now.  You can follow us on facebook & instagram for updates.


Virtual Team Meetings  – you’re skyping / zooming it in now, right?  Why not lighten the mood & get your team some crazy costumes or accessories to wear on the call?  You could mix it up or have themed meetings.  Play can make you smarter, remember?  And definitely think more creatively - which is exactly what we all need right now.  And don't forget - we deliver sales items Australia-wide.

Happiness, Delivered!  Remote worker care packs – we’re still fleshing out our offering here, but we know we can deliver balloons (Sydney only) right now – a “knock & drop” care package with a message from your company will be great for morale.  There's nothing like balloons to brighten a day!  And a MUST for staff birthdays (there's not going to be an office cake to share!)


Ideas are popping up all over the internet right now - Museums & libraries have opened their virtual doors to a world of education & entertainment;  musicians are doing free online concerts. Here are a few ways we can help big & little kids alike:


Balloons –people will still be having birthdays, babies, anniversaries - life goes on, right?  Try telling your kid they can't have their friend over for their birthday!  Balloons just make people happy.  It's as simple as that.  Our instore Balloon Wall & catalogue is in the process of being transferred online (we were holding off for our new website, but it can't wait now).  And we will be offering delivery direct to your doorstep - no physical contact required.  (That's Sofia in the pic - had to send her on leave yesterday - miss her already!)



Zoom Parties - Lockdown Getdown!

Checkout what Cat Empire are doing here with their #LockdownGetdown initiative - like us in the party business, the music industry has been brought to it's knees.  Streaming live music & having virtual parties with your friends - in festival or other themed costume - is a way we could all help each other.  Again, check it out here.  You can order online from us & add #fancythatcostumes to your tags.

Shop Festival theme here

Gym Closed?  

Feel the burn 80s style!

Gotta love sweatbands, retro tracksuits & a good pair of legwarmers.

Shop 80s theme here

Virtual Lip Sync Battle

The artists - the costumes - the spotify playlists - stay tuned for more resources from us on this idea.

Shop Music theme here


The ridiculous really can be sublime relief.

*  Get out in the garden in costume

*  Go for a Wig Walk (& check on your neighbours whilst you're at it)

*  Do your grocery shopping in costume - we challenge you to bring on the smiles! 

That's it for this post.  Rest assured, there will be plenty more to come, including expanded online offerings, plus the ability to purchase your balloon bouquets online.

If you know anyone having a baby or a birthday - recently engaged or celebrating an anniversary - if you work in a company that is well resourced right now & can use some of the ideas above - please tap them on the shoulder & see how we can help each other.  I flat out refuse to let a microscopic terrorist take this beautiful business down, & I would love to help keep us all connected & uplifted during thes trying times.

Stay well lovelies,

Belinda xx

... & the temporarily indisposed Fancy That! Team (!)