Festival Fashion Trends

Author: belinda  Date Posted:22 February 2018 

Summer is getting a massive send-off this weekend with not one but at least three major festivals taking place:

Psyfari Jamboree in the ACT - final round tix available here

Secret Garden in Sydney's South West (it's sold out & we hope you've got yours!)

newcomer Odyssey at a super secret location 1 ½ hours outside of Sydney - final release tickets available here

Still haven't got your costumes sorted? Fancy That! Costumes in Crows Nest Sydney is here to crush that last minute panic!   AND we've compiled a summary of some of the hottest festival trends for Summer 2017/18.  Drink it up below!  

1.  Unlease Your Inner Animal

A festival is a great opportunity to let loose & become that wild, untamed version of yourself in a safe & welcoming space. You've got to love the raw, primal sexiness about dressing up as a feisty, unhuman creature!

Hybrid fox/human, stealth leopard, majestic elephant, centaur man-beast, colourful pink flamingo, lion king of the jungle & you've got a lot of options here. Mix & match accessories to blend in by standing out with your own animalistic style.



Don't forget the make-up & we stock the quality Australian-formulated Global brand (vegan with no chemical nasties). Get the goods from us then bone up on You-Tube with a myriad of simple tutorials to creative impactful looks.

To see our range of animal themed costumes and accessories to purchase, click here.


2.  Space

Is it just us or are you also getting a vibe that 2018 is speeding us even faster towards the future?  Everybody's talking about how to save their jobs from the robot invasion & it feels like we went from an I-phone 7 to 10 in the space of 12 months - & Elon Musk just jettisoned a Tesla into outer space for crying out loud!

We say just roll with it & embrace the future in costumes & accessories with an edgy, futuristic flavour. It's way more than green body paint & silver head boppers (although we can help you with those too!)

We're loving the glam rock / space crossover look which mixes metallic elements with wild shots of colour & think silver hooded capes with shocking spiky neon wigs & or silver disco tinsel wigs & reflective wrap glasses, with rainbow socks, shirts & booty shorts. Add the finishing touches with metallic body paint & metallic tattoos or "third eye" style crystal gems.

Tune in to some further space-age inspiration here.

3.  Tribal


After all that intergalactic tripping, you may prefer to head back down & reconnect with the spirituality & beauty of Earth. There's something really connecting about a great festival, so you know a tribal theme makes sense.

There can be crossover here with "Animal', however more tribal elements include items such as our authentic American Indian headdresses & real leather, hand-beaded & sourced ethically from Indonesia.   Chest plates or Voodoo skull & bone necklaces make awesome accessories.

Mix it up with tribal or metallic tattoos, face & body paints, leather look wrist guards, Viking style drinking horns & you can even add some "Mad Max" touches like mesh shirts, aviator goggles, & your own combat boots. 

Finally - what's a festival weekend without GLITTER - & a ****-ton of it?!  Click here to get yours.