Our gangsters are the real deal, not your average, flimsy packet costume suit.

Inclusions: … everything but shoes –  shine up a pair of your own black dress shoes & you’re ready to go!

  • Hat – authentic felt Fedora
  • Jacket
  • Shirt – we recommend black – it’ what the bad guys wore…
  • Braces – play it straight (plain colours) or comical (card suites, dollar signs)
  • Tie – wide white satin
  • Pants
  • Scarf – white fringed satin
  • Tommy gun

A note on sizing:

  • A little baggy is perfectly ok & suits the style of the era

A note on styling:

  • The scarf goes over your jacket – across your shoulders at the back & beneath your lapels at the front.  When your jacket comes off, so does your scarf
  • NEVER wear a belt & braces – it’s always one or the other
  • If you don’t want to look like a flower pot, wear your Fedora tilted slightly forward & to one side – as Frank Sinatra says, “Angles have attitude”



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