Balloon FAQs - Fancy That

Contact us if there's anything you wish to know that we haven't covered below.

Yep - across Sydney.  We bought a van, Stan!  Our standard delivery windows are:

  • Weekdays before 11am
  • Saturdays before 10am / after 4pm
  • Sundays - any time, with a $50 surcharge & min. order (excl. delivery) of $250

If you have a special requirement, talk to us.  We'll do our best to put a smile on your dial.

Delivery charge varies by suburb.  Crows Nest & close surrounds $15.  Further detail will be uploaded here shortly (this site launched 11/10/21) however in the interplease confirm delivery cost with us at time of booking.

No.  We offer full service, instore inflation.  People have died from helium inhalation.  We take this responsibility pretty seriously.  Plus, we've been trained to produce beautiful work for you, saving you time & hassle.

Foil balloons generally remain taut & fully inflated for 5 - 7 days, bubbles for 2-4 weeks & we apply a special coating inside latex balloons in bouquets which extends their float time to approx. 2-3 days (from the standard 18 - 24 hours), so collecting a day before your event is no problem.

Most people can fit at least 50-60 x standard 28cm balloons in an empty vehicle. We pack all balloons into transport bags for you. Try & clear out space & bring as few passengers as possible with you for pick-up (preferably none)...

Yes, however we will not be liable for their quality & any poppage on inflation must be paid for.  We have a HUGE range instore - why would you buy anywhere else?

Here's a general rule of thumb:

  • It takes x 9 standard 28cm balloons to completely fill a square metre
  • For medium density, opt for x6 balloons per square metre
  • For sparse, opt for x3 balloons per square metre
  • So all you need to do is multiple the length x width of the space you wish to cover, then multiply by 9, 6 or 3
  • Eg a standard 5 x 4m living area = 20 square metres. Full density is 20x9=180 balloons; medium is 20x6 = 120 balloons, & sparse is 20x3 = 60 balloons.

Now you know!

That's a hard NO.

Releasing any type of lantern or balloon product into the air is littering, plain & simple.  Latex balloons are a natural product, not plastic & they will compost eventually however this takes time.  There are so many ways to enjoy balloons that are environmentally responsible.  We are a member of PEBA - the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance. We will not supply helium balloons for balloon releases.  Ever.  Nor will any other professional, responsible, ethical balloon business.