Fancy That! Fundraising

We love helping people party hard for a great cause!  It’s super easy too:

  1. Send an invite to your guests telling them to come & see us at Fancy That! Costumes for a killer outfit
    • We’ve included some sample copy below to make it easier for you
  2. Register your event with us
    • email a copy of your invite to with the subject line  “Fancy That! Fundraising”
    • include the date & theme of your event (hopefully that will be on the invite!)
    • include your nominated charity & their bank deposit details
  3. We’ll donate 10% of all hires & sales to your nominated charity.  You’ll receive a full list of who spent, what they spent, plus proof of donation.

If you’re staging a public event, we can even help promote it to our growing database of Fancy That! dress up-fiends via email & Facebook.

That’s it! Here’s some sample copy you could drop into your invite:

“Fancy That! Costumes in Crows Nest are coming to the party, donating 15% of all hires & sales, to the cause!

Visit Make sure you tell them you’re attending this event so they can make your dollars count.

Questions, or ready to roll right now?

Email OR call us on 02 9906 6135.