Conditions of Hire

The short version

Rather stick pins in your eyeballs whilst chewing on cut glass & fire-walking at an Anthony Robbins retreat, than read legal guff? Us too…

Here’s the guts of what you need to know:

  1. To hire, you need to supply I.D. that includes proof of address (eg. drivers’ licence), plus provide either cash or credit card details for us to hold on file as a security bond.
  2. Take good care of our costumes & try & keep your clothes on at your event – if damage or lose something, be prepared to pay market replacement cost – & be aware that for custom made items this can be expensive.
  3. Don’t wash them – especially if you stain them.  You can wash it in & make it harder for us to get it out.  We’re pretty good at stain removal however if it comes to it, we have a better rate with the local dry-cleaner than you do & will pass this on to you.
  4. Bring everything back on time & be prepared to pay the late fee if you don’t.  We do everything we can to make returns hassle free, including late opening hours & a courier service.  It’s only fair to the next person who’s booked it, plus to our other customers during the week who deserve our full attention rather than having us stuck in the laundry cleaning late returns.


The long version

Hire of any costume from Fancy That! Costumes is entered into by the Hirer on an understanding of the following conditions:

  1. Pick up & return dates are as written and agreed on the Tax Invoice.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, the standard hire period is 3 days ie.  Mon – Wed, Tue – Thu, Wed –Fri, unless you are picking up for weekend use, in which case pick up may be made from Thursday onwards, with return due by close of business the following Monday.
  3. Clause 2 above excludes Easter, Christmas & the peak Nov-Dec season each year, which have their own terms as follows:
    1. Easter – all Easter Bunny costumes are strictly overnight hire only for the two weeks leading up to & including the Easter weekend. Additional days may be booked at the full hire rate.
    2. Christmas – all Christmas themed costumes are strictly overnight hire only for Oct – Dec.  Additional days may be booked at the full hire rate.
  4. Costumes may be reserved by phone or in person with a $44 / $22 (adults / kids) non-refundable deposit.  In the event of cancellation, the deposit is forfeited.
  5. A bond applies to every hire, equal to the amount as written on the Tax Invoice & may be taken in one of two ways:
    1. Cash bond – cash held on file & returned in full provided full, ontime & undamaged return of items.
    2. Credit card bond – credit card details held on file, with no money withdrawn provided full, ontime & undamaged return of items.
  6. Once a costume has left the store, no refund is available.
  7. Fancy That! Costumes is to be paid in full, in advance of taking possession of the goods.
  8. The hiring period shall commence from the day the goods are collected by the hirer or forwarded to the hirer from Fancy That! Costumes’ premises.  Hire goods not received by close of business on the due return date will be subject to late fees as follows:
    1. $22 / $11 (adults / kids)  for each day beyond the due return date, up to & including 3 days past eg. if costume is due back on Monday & is returned Thursday, an additional $66 (3 x $22) will be charged.
    2. The full hire fee will be charged again for costumes still not returned as at the fourth day past initial due date.
    3. Failure to return the costume at the conclusion of the second full rental period will result in an immediate charge of the full value of the bond.  If the costume is subsequently returned, any difference between the value of the bond charged & any accrued rental plus late fees will be refunded.
    4. Fancy That! Costumes reserves the right to charge a figure higher than the bond if item repair or replacement exceeds bond value.
  9. The Hirer agrees not to cut, alter or otherwise tamper with the hired costume in any way.  Goods not returned in the same condition as they were supplied will be subject to further charges.
  10. Should any items be returned damaged, cut, altered or tampered with, Fancy That! Costumes reserves the right to retain the bond for such time as is required to ascertain the cost of repair or replacement & to subsequently recoup said costs.
  11. The hirer agrees to act responsibly & take reasonable care whilst in costume, particularly with any faux weapons as hired or purchased.  Fancy That! Costumes shall not be liable for any detriment or loss suffered by the hirer or otherwise, pursuant to any failure on behalf of the wearer to take reasonable care.
  12. These terms are subject to change without notice.  The hirers’ signature on the hire docket signifies acceptance of these terms.